Project Brief

SuSMo (Sustainable Urban Shared Mobility), funded by EIT Climate-KIC, will work with city partners (Stockholm, Madrid, Bologna and Sofia) to change the way we implement shared mobility systems across Europe and deliver a vision for cities to lead the way in decarbonising our transport systems.


  • Establish the needs, concerns and areas of interest of organisations involved in implementing of shared mobility.
  • Create best practice guidance and practical tools that cities across Europe will be able to use in their transition to sustainable shared mobility.
  • Provide policymakers with the tools and knowledge needed to better implement shared mobility solutions.

Outputs and Deliverables

The project will create a community of policy makers, influences and private sector actors who have shared objectives around cleaner, greener, shared transport and engage with key people in the project partner cities and in the shared mobility sector.

Data will be gathered on the transport needs of each city’s residents. This information will then be used to develop an online learning programme.

The first SuSMo workshop will take place at the end of November in Brussels. The session will bring together the community we have created and give context for the wider project and stakeholder needs. Delegates will exchange information about current shared mobility services and review findings from the SuSMo focus groups and interviews.