ACCRA Project Overview

Project ACCRA (Autonomous and Connected vehicles for CleaneR Air) proposes to use Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology to address one of the most pressing public health issues affecting urban areas across the UK, Europe and worldwide – poor air quality due to vehicle emissions. In the UK alone DEFRA estimate that poor air quality leads to 50,000 premature deaths per year.


Aims and objectives

ACCRA was a 12 month project, completed in summer 2018. The project developed a system capable of allowing remote control of a vehicles energy management system to ensure it is running in zero emissions whilst in a designated Dynamic Control Zone (DCZ).
This area can be adjusted in location, size and time duration according to the objectives of the air quality management authority. The DCZ adjustment will be based on the real-time status of air quality in the management area which is monitored by an array of sensors and future predictions of the air quality based on weather and traffic data.
The project will demonstrate this capability in a 7.5t Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) in the study area, Leeds.

Project Outcomes

ACCRA develops the products and communication protocols enabling data transfer between plug-in vehicles and air quality sensors to a Decision Making Engine.
The Decision Making Engine is able to monitor, manage and control the location and duration of zero emission operation of plug-in hybrid and range-extended hybrid vehicles within the city.

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