Project Overview:

Project WiCET (Wireless Charging for Electric Taxis) is a phase 1 feasibility study, awarded as part of the Innovate UK competitions. The project is three months long and due to start in December 2018, with the potential to apply for phase 2 funding for a full-scale demonstrator project.

What is it?:

WiCET will assess the potential for deploying wireless charging infrastructure for eTaxis using Nottingham and London as case studies. The study will develop an appropriate charging infrastructure, explore integration of wireless chargers with vehicle and road infrastructure, develop back office solutions, deliver policy recommendations and safety observations and engage with stakeholders to assess the financial viability of the proposal.

Why is it helpful?:

This project provides a unique opportunity for the UK to position itself at the centre of the EV revolution by demonstrating the financial, operational and technical benefits of wireless charging technology for eTaxis and other commercial vehicles.

WiCET is o ne of the first studies that will bring together all the aspects of wireless charging value chain and will clarify the route to the market for both a retrofit and “factory option” product.

The outcomes of this feasibility study will pave the way to demonstrator using wireless charging in a practical setting and will undoubtedly encourage policy makers, industry and vehicle users to participate in a possible demonstration and invest in technologies around wireless charging for EVs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Wireless Charging
  • Inductive Charging
  • Commercial Charging Applications
  • eTaxis

Partners Involved:

  • ParkingEnergy
  • IHI Europe
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Transport for London
  • University of Warwick