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Cenex Names New Head of Transport

Veteran low carbon vehicle expert Steve Carroll will lead Cenex’s work to make low carbon vehicle transport a reality on Europe’s roads

Loughborough, UK – 15 November 2016: Cenex – the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for low carbon technologies – today announced the appointment of Steve Carroll as Head of Transport. A fleet management and renewable energies specialist, Carroll was chosen for the unparalleled technical expertise he will bring to conducting vehicle trials and helping large fleet owners implement high-impact carbon reduction strategies.

As Head of Transport, Carroll will be responsible for carrying out Cenex’s large-scale vehicle trials; developing new relationships with technology innovators, local governments and end users; and helping fleet owners and local authorities realise the value of investing in low carbon vehicle technology.

Commenting on his appointment, Carroll said: “I couldn’t be more honoured to take on this new role at a time when Cenex is supporting large-scale low carbon vehicle trials in the UK and internationally. I am looking forward to helping governments and industry harness the latest technical innovations and transition to sustainable, low carbon transportation solutions.”

Carroll comes from a background in automotive engineering and renewable energies. During his seven years at Cenex, he has played a critical role in some of the organisation’s largest vehicle demonstration and deployment projects. As study lead for the UK Department of Transport’s Low Carbon Truck Trial, he monitored and analysed the use of multiple alternative fuels across 12 consortia of trucks. As lead analyst for the Technology Strategy Board’s successful Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Programme, Carroll used his analysis and reporting to make a strong case for the viability of electric vehicles for everyday use by UK consumers and businesses.

Robert Evans, CEO at Cenex, said, “Cenex is very pleased to promote Steve to the Head of Transport role. His technical expertise and strong relationships with innovators, governments and end users will help us deliver projects that accelerate the shift to low carbon transportation in the UK and around the world.”