The LCV Event

The UK’s largest technology showcasing and networking event. 150+ organisations are expected to exhibit at LCV2015

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Leading Experts

Cenex has sector leading expertise in ‘real world’ performance analysis for low carbon vehicles including electric, hybrid, gas and hydrogen vehicles.

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Charging Equipment

Cenex has helped clients to install more than 800 charge points in the East and West Midlands.

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Cutting-edge Knowledge

Cenex is currently collecting and analysing data from more than 200 vehicles.

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Specialists in de-risking the implementation of low carbon vehicle technologies for our clients.

Cenex's team of industry experts operate in four key areas:

What's New

Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2015 – LCV2015

9th - 10th September 2015

The 8th annual LCV event run by Cenex. This year will incorporate technology exhibition, extensive seminar programme, facilitated networking opportunities with UK and overseas delegates and ride & drive of the latest low carbon technology vehicles. New features for 2015 include a Technology Showcase, Presentation Zone, Vehicle Showcase, increased indoor/outdoor stands and enhanced opportunities to […]

Green Fleet Technology Study for Public Transport


The Public Procurement of Innovation in Action Network (PPIA) commissioned Cenex to undertake a mobility technology foresighting study. The aim of the study was to inform the network of the main technological advances and future developments in transport which address the challenge of mitigating climate change. The report focuses on alternative drivetrain technologies and fuels that offer carbon reduction from city buses, although technologies relevant to taxis are also discussed. The analysis focuses on the likely performance of short-medium term solutions (< 10 years) and suggests some demand side measures and practises which can be implemented to assist in the transition to cleaner public transport fleets. The study draws on technology information from industry technology roadmaps, interviews with technology providers and industry experts. Future demand for public transport vehicles and current procurement practises are established from the PPIA network cities.

British Gas: EV Deployment Risk Assessment

Case Study

Cenex was commissioned by British Gas to examine the potential cost, emissions and performance implications of integrating electric vehicles into their fleet operations. British Gas operates the third largest fleet in the UK, covering over 160 million miles per year. The deployment risk assessment was undertaken though the following steps: Operational data from the British […]

Environment Agency: Low Carbon Fleet Strategy

Case Study

Cenex was commissioned by the Environment Agency to undertake a strategic review of the Agency’s fleet to highlight which low carbon fuels could provide cost and environmental benefits. A fleet technology review was undertaken to provide an assessment of which low carbon fuels could be beneficial. This review provided information on practicability, availability, cost of […]

Ebbs and Flows of Energy Systems (EFES) Project

Case Study

What are we trying to do? Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to transform the way we use energy on a daily basis.  Power cuts and expensive peak demand tariffs could become a thing of the past.  Could you power your house with your car?  Could you power your car with your house?  Would you […]

Cenex and KTN Ltd launch the New Gas Vehicle Hub

New Gas Vehicle Hub provides searchable maps helping fleet operators find natural gas and biomethane refuelling stations across the UK The UK is seeing a surge in the uptake of low carbon gas-powered trucks, demonstrating the success of the UK Government’s Low Carbon Truck Trial which started to seed the motorway networks with a critical […]