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SuSMO – Shared Urban Sustainable Mobility

New Collaborative European Project Kicks off – A Cenex-led project consortium will be working to find ways to address the challenges facing cities related to the introduction of low carbon shared mobility services by bringing together major cities from across Europe.

SuSMo (Shared Urban Sustainable Mobility) is an EIT Climate-KIC funded project comprising leading European cities (Stockholm, Madrid, Bologna and Sofia) and experts in the transport sector. It will provide policymakers with the tools and knowledge needed to better implement shared mobility solutions.

A three-year project, this year the team will be gathering information about best practice and existing schemes. This will be used to develop an online learning programme in year two for release in the third year of the project. Through partnership with POLIS and the EIT Climate-KIC the project will be developing a network and exchange programme that crosses institutional and sectorial boundaries to help decarbonise urban transport in Europe.

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