Hydrogen Offshore Transfer System (HOTS)


Project Brief

As the UK seeks to transition to a net zero economy, hydrogen is emerging as a fuel of the future, especially for the maritime sector. Areas of development include the design of hydrogen powered vessels, creation of green hydrogen directly from energy generated by offshore wind turbines, and development of ways of transporting hydrogen by vessel / barge.

This project looks to take onshore hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) technology into the offshore environment. It shall analyse and overcome the challenges posed by the added complexity of this new operating environment and will carry out the necessary groundwork required for a future technology demonstration. This system shall be known as a Hydrogen Offshore Transfer System (HOTS).

The HOTS project is funded by the Department for Transport as part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC), and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK.


This project will review the technical and economic feasibility of this Hydrogen Offshore Transfer System by conducting an initial scoping study, defining technical specifications, conducting detailed design of the system, analysing the business case, market dissemination, and creating a future technology demonstration plan.To ensure the rapid adoption of the technology, Cenex will assist Jebb Smith Ltd and Logan Energy Ltd in defining the hydrogen flow rate required for commercial craft refuelling to ensure sustainable growth of the hydrogen refuelling marketplace.


Once this project is completed it will enable a technology demonstration project which will involve wider supply chain companies. The findings will be presented in a white paper and at workshops and industry events.