EV Charging in Car Parks


The Challenge

The number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are set to rise rapidly in the UK with forecasts suggesting up to 30% of vehicles on the road could be EVs by 2030. Whilst the majority of EV charging will be done at home, it is anticipated that there will be a considerable demand for charging at public car parks.

There are more than 30 million car parking spaces in regulated, publicly accessible car parks across Europe. This represents a potential business opportunity for car park operators

The Development

Explore the opportunities and provide the key information required to support the development of relevant business cases for electric vehicle charging in public car parks.

This study provided background information to support car park operators in developing business cases for implementing EV charging achieved through:

  • Setting out the existing opportunities and challenges associated with retrofitting chargepoints into public car parks.
  • Identifying innovations which could support or increase the scope for EV charging.

The Results

The key challenge facing EV charging at car parks is not the technology, but the cost of accessing sufficient electrical supply. Therefore, car park operators considering implementing EV charging should begin their journey by investigating what supply is available to them from the local distribution network.