The Climate Group Plugged-In Fleets report demonstrates the economic and environmental benefits of employing electric vehicles in fleet operations and provides practical guidance for fleet managers looking to introduce them. A collaboration between Cenex, The Climate Group and the Energy Saving Trust, the report highlights:

  • The complete range of financial and operational incentives for fleet EV uptake
  • The ‘sweet spots’ that help EVs bring commercial advantage
  • The steps needed to assess the EV business case, company to company

The Cenex Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool (FCRT) was used during the development of this report, to analyse the potential ownership cost and environmental impact of operating electric cars and vans in a range of different operational scenarios.  The results of the analyses have helped prove that electric vehicles can provide financial as well as environmental benefits when they are deployed in the right situation.

Employing duty cycle analysis and whole life cost modelling, the tool provides the intelligence that fleet decision makers need to determine which combination of vehicles will prove both operationally practical and financially beneficial.

To download a full copy of the Plugged-In Fleets Report, click here.

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