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4 top team ups between Cenex & Cenex Nederland

Cenex Nederland (NL) is Cenex’s strategic partner, established in 2018 in Amsterdam as a European base with expertise in zero-emission vehicle and energy infrastructure, smart mobility, and related circular economy applications.

Both organisations offer consultancy and R&D services aligned with zero emission mobility and transport.

Here are some of the recent collaborations between the two organisations:


The NextETruck (efficient and affordable zero-emission logistics through Next-generation Electric Trucks) project is funded by the Horizon Europe programme to develop and demonstrate next generation electric trucks, tools and charging concepts for regional medium freight. It will prepare infrastructure demonstrators for fast charging in Istanbul, Barcelona, and Utrecht, and offer new business models that increase the market uptake of the project solutions.

Cenex and Cenex NL will work together – as part of the consortium formed of 19 partners from 8 countries across Europe – in developing tools helping fleet managers across Europe decarbonise their truck fleets, and to optimise charging infrastructure planning that accounts for routes, charging demand and grid capacity.

The teams will also build a framework to assess the environmental and cost impacts and evaluate data collected from vehicles and users across the three demonstrator cases.

Greece Infrastructure Strategy

JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Region) and the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy sought advice and guidance to inform their strategy for publicly accessible chargepoints that will serve Greece’s growing market for EVs.

Cenex and Cenex NL completed a detailed evaluation regarding the EV charging requirements for mainland Greece and its islands, and provided analysis, insights and a vision for a national public chargepoint strategy.

The national infrastructure strategy comprised recommendations from the report including early investment and a general overprovision of chargepoints initially, and a high need for public chargepoints around Athens and tourist destinations.


The DynaCoV (Dynamic Charging of Vehicles) project won ‘Best Collaborative Initiative’ at the 2022 Energy Innovation Awards last year for its research into dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT) technology as a potential charging innovation for larger and heavier urban and freight vehicles (such as buses or delivery vehicles).

Cenex and Cenex NL conducted a feasibility study into installing and operating DWPT equipment in the UK, using a real-world site – located in Coventry – as a specific point of study.

Cenex NL produced a literature review and feasibility assessment of DWPT, focussing on the present and future development of this innovative technology and the impact that it may have on electricity networks, while Cenex modelled the grid impacts of DWPT in the context of traffic flows and vehicle usage patterns.


bpost has one of Belgium’s largest mail and package delivery fleets made up of small, medium and large vans, trucks, and mopeds, bicycles, and three-wheelers.

In their endeavours to reduce emissions by 20% by 2030, they gained the independent consultancy services of PwC, Cenex and Cenex NL to develop a comprehensive electric vehicle and infrastructure strategy and deployment plan.

The analysis and resulting solution provided bpost with a simulation tool to calculate the cost and operational impact of an electrification of 0 – 100% of their last mile delivery fleet by 2030 and provided a path to a solution within the client budget and ambition level.

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