Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to transform the way we use energy on a daily basis.  Power cuts and expensive peak demand tariffs could become a thing of the past.  Could your car power your house or even sell energy to the grid?  Could you power your car with your house?  Could your fleet reduce your electricity bill and power your buildings?  What impact will EVs have on our electricity prices and grid demand?

What is Vehicle-to-Grid

  • Acts (and looks) very similar to a standard charging point.
  • The difference is that energy flows both to and from the vehicle, turning it into a portable battery store.

Why is this helpful?

  • Use the EV battery to provide demand shifting and reduce electricity costs.
  • Supply energy to energy markets.
  • Increase use of localised renewables.


Areas of Expertise

  • Vehicle to Grid specification, installation and technology development using our knowledge of UK and European regulatory standards and vehicle and charging requirements.
  • Market analysis and energy market evaluation
  • Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Cenex has developed a bespoke V2G evaluation tool evae which analysis vehicle use and battery impacts providing an economic analysis of V2G based on a variety of grid services, including FFR, STOR and Triads.