V2G is a system whereby electric vehicles plugged into a chargepoint can provide bi-directional flows of energy. It can turn your electric vehicle into a mobile battery store. It can help power your home or office in an eco-friendly manner. In turn it can reduce electricity bills, help the electricity grid and generate revenue when used with smart control.


The True Value of V2G Report by Cenex

Cenex has been involved in many V2G projects since 2013 with high profile vehicle and chargepoint manufacturers. ‘The True Value of V2G’ report was created as part of three projects namely, V2G-Britain, Sciurus and EV-elocity. The full report is available here.

V2G True Value Report

This report was published to get important information and analysis out to the industry. Further reports from related projects are expected soon.

Areas of Expertise

  • Vehicle to Grid specification, installation and technology development using our knowledge of UK and European regulatory standards and vehicle and charging requirements.
  • Market analysis and energy market evaluation
  • Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Cenex has developed a bespoke V2G evaluation tool evae which analysis vehicle use and battery impacts providing an economic analysis of V2G based on a variety of grid services, including FFR, STOR and Triads.