Part funded by Innovate UK, the project seeks to assess the feasibility of turning a car park into a MW-scale battery to provide power on demand to the electricity grid. The project will develop secure, dynamic data management platform that collects, aggregates and optimises energy collected by large populations of grid-connected electric vehicle batteries at a single location.

Working in partnership with Encraft, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Costain PLC, Aston University and Western Power Distribution (WPD), the role of Cenex is to offer guidance on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology and work with EV owners. Net-Form is unique in that it integrates and analyses diverse sets of data and time-sensitive information to optimise the energy system in a non-invasive way.


Project Outcomes

  • Evaluate the opportunity to provide a managed charging service and income to EV owners
  • Evaluate the power requirements of HS2 car park in Birmingham
  • Stakeholder engagement with EV owners to understand perceptions towards vehicle-to-grid and the management platform proposed in this project.

Project Partners